A few more millionaires signing on tomorrow

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

According to Uncle Google, a millionaire is defined as someone who has a “net worth of a million or more units of currency”. In the good old days it was relatively easy to become a millionaire – simply take a flight to Turkey and you could have a million Turkish Lira in your pocket for no more than one US Dollar.  It also appears to be relatively easy to become one if you are a Premier League footballer.

Last week a strange email arrived in the TBIR inbox.  Every day we are blessed with offers to become a millionaire by simply sending our bank details to the relative of an African prince or a long lost relative in dire need of my help to smuggle our long lost fortune outside of some 3rd world country, but this showed an easier route to making a million. According to this email, “leaked” by someone at the club,  simply be an average journeyman footballer with a poor injury record and you too could soon be earning your million pounds per annum.  Someone, obviously unhappy with the way the Circus are/were running West Ham had got the squad list and how much they earnt each week, and it certainly would have pissed off a few players who for the first time were seeing exactly how much their team mates were earning. Continue reading