The Roof is on fire

Once a year I treat Northern Steve to a proper Non-League day out.  None of this Conference Premier malarkey that we had at Lincoln City a few weeks ago.  Proper Non-League.  The trip is essentially a thank you to our respective wives (The Current Mrs Fuller and The Current Sister of Mrs Fuller aka CMF and CSMF) for our absence in the past year when we should have been doing stuff around the house on a Saturday.  So what do we do – we take them somewhere far away from home, take them to a bar, buy them a bottle of Rose and we go to football.  They are so busy chatting they don’t even notice we’ve gone…

11907990933_4e9d58a327_bIn the past few years we have taken in the cultural delights of Hucknall Town, had a tour of the top ten things to see and do in Farsley expertly led by David Hartrick and last year went to the Home of Football, Sheffield FC.  This year it was my turn to choose, so I reached deep into the cash reserves to give them one special weekend away.  “Ladies…we are off to the market.” Squeals of delight follow as they start thinking of The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or the Spice Markets of Marrakesh.  Squeals of horror follow when I tell them it’s the Bigg Market, Newcastle Upon Tyne.  I tried to sell the advantages to them – “You wont have to take any clothes with you – just a short T-shirt for a night out”, “You don’t have to stagger far from hotel to bar and back again”, “It’s far enough away from the children that our mobile network might not hope”.  Slowly they came around to the idea although the deal clincher was the fact the football on offer was a Northern League Division Two local derby.  We had them at Jarrow Roofing Boldon Community Association Football Club.

What more could a girl want?  A top of the table local Tyne and Wear Derby in the 10th tier of English football on a cold Winter’s afternoon in a former pit village? Continue reading