Scan Dale

Two things we love in life are blogging and West Ham (yes I know that in the past I have been a bit critical but like your family, you cannot chose your football team – they chose you).  Now you may struggle to believe this but there are other similar characters out in the big wide world.  We heard last month from Jeremy Nicholas, the man behind the mic at Upton Park and recently caught up with another West Ham blogger – Iain Dale.

Iain Dale is one of Britain’s leading political commentators, appearing regularly on TV and radio. Iain is best known for his political blog, Iain Dale’s Diary and football blog, West Ham Till I Die. He is a contributing editor and columnist for GQ Magazine, writes for the Daily Telegraph and a fortnightly diary for the Eastern Daily Press. He was the chief anchor of Britain’s first political internet TV channel, 18 Doughty and is a presenter on LBC Radio. He appears regularly as a political pundit on Sky News, the BBC News Channel, Newsnight, Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live. He is the publisher of the monthly magazine, Total Politics and the author or editor of more than twenty books. He is managing director of the new book publisher, Biteback Publishing.  Basically he is here, he’s there he’s every bloomin’ where! Continue reading