They must be Giants

We have forged some strong links over the “Pond” in the four years since we started our blog, ironically off the back of a visit to a “soccer” game in Orlando which was billed for publicity purposes as Columbia v Mexico, but on attending blatently wasn’t.  We have interviewed some of the best known exponents of the round ball version of football who are based in the states, such as’s Daryl Grove and’s Christopher Harris as well as players such as Miami FC’s Martyn Lancaster. But we had never got a real insight into what the American’s call Football which at the top level is better known as NFL.

We like to model ourselves at TBIR Towers a little bit like Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, sitting around all day thinking up ways to bring amusement to the general public.  So when they brought out the fantastic “An Idiot Abroad”, featuring Karl Pilkington, we had an idea.  What if we send our overseas based writers off to watch the local sports and get them completely immersed in the experience?  Genius if I say so myself.  Two quick phonecalls later and we had arranged for our Englishman in New York Luge Pravda to hot foot it down to the new Giants stadium at silly o’clock in the morning for a game.  Over to you Luge:- Continue reading