Where’s your Amber Nectar gone

A trip to Cheshunt in Hertfordshire for an FA Cup game should have given me plenty of scope to think up a headline or two but I struggled for hours as to what I should call this.  Could it be Sweet Amber, the classic song by Metallica; or perhaps bAmber Gascoigne, in homage to the original University Challenge quizmaster, or even Every little helps as a nod to Cheshunt’s most famous resident Tesco.

But let’s just think sensibly about this.  It is Non League Day.  A day of celebrating everything good about our grass roots game, and reminding all of those fans who are used to being told where and when to sit down, what you can and cannot chant and above all expecting to pay significant sums of money to keep a badge kissing footballer in his mansion for another season.  And to me, one of the key elements of Non League Football is a beer.  Let’s face it there is nothing finer than enjoying a pint whilst you are watching a game of football.  We do it at home, we can do it in the pub, but the fun police say we cannot when watching “professional” football.

So what better way to celebrate NLD than to raise a glass to the combined brains of Mike Bayly and James Doe for giving us the second Non League Day.  But of course those pesky fun police said “NO”.  Well at least at a significant number of Non League grounds.  You see it was FA Cup Preliminary Round day, and that means a new set of rules apply.  Sorry, I missed out a word there, it was The FA Cup, Sponsored by BUDWEISER, preliminary Round day.  A beer sponsoring our national competition yet the licensing laws had to change.  Madness. Continue reading