All the Gore-e details

It’s been a big week in the Fuller household.  On Wednesday CMF celebrated her birthday and as one of her presents I agreed to take her (and the Littlest Fullers) out for the day.  Conveniently, due to their inept performance in the FA Cup back in September at Chertsey Town, Lewes didn’t have a game so going “football free” for a weekend wasn’t too much of an issue, especially as I had the small matter of ten games in five countries in eight days coming up.  The hardship, I am sure you will agree.

But you all know I am an addict for a game in somewhere new, and if I played my hand just right I could take them out for a cracking day AND get to a game surely. I then came up with a cracking idea.  Thanks to the inspiration of the lovely Lucie at work I planned to take the girls on a “treasure hunt” in Windsor.  Well, actually, they were going to do a treasure hunt around the historic town centre for a couple of hours as I had done it before.  So what could I do whilst they were trying to find where H G Wells worked as a draper’s assistant? If I was quick I could get in a game if there was one close by?

One quick Tweet to @therealfacup and I had my answer.  No more than 10 minutes up the road Burnham were hosting Bishops Stortford in the FA Cup.  Ten minutes there, ninety minutes with fifteen minutes for half time, ten minutes back..I needed to add a tricky question in the middle of the treasure hunt to stall them for a bit longer.  Uncle Google came up with the goods:-

“Buy a CD from Windsor’s most famous current singing resident”

That would fox them for a while (the answer is of course Lisa Scott Lee – the one we all wanted to S^@g from Steps) and give me a chance to head over the M4, making sure I followed the right way.  A left here and I would be passing village green’s, country pubs and the home of Jimmy Carr.  Turn right and it would be the industrial estates of Slough.  I don’t want to slag off Slough, I will leave that to someone much better with words than me. Continue reading