Double dipping for charity

“Never go back” they say.  Who exactly are they?  Well let me tell you they are wise people.  Age creeps us on us all and for all you young scamps out there scoffing at us “oldies” just remember in football the good do not die young.  In fact Edwin Van Der Sar is only marginally younger than me and he has just won his millionth league title with Manchester United.  So there is nothing wrong with us putting our bodies on the line as our age.

Two years ago I was tempted out of retirement.  I was seduced by the glamour. Young (himself having seen his 40th year last year) Adam Lloyd won an auction prize to play football against the Chelsea Veterans team down at the Cobham training ground.  Would I like to play?  Too bloody right I would.  So who cares we lost 8-0 in the end.  Who cares that 53 year old Clive Walker bossed the game and who cares that John Terry himself came to watch for all of ten minutes.  Well I bloody did that is for sure.  I had to put up with the whingeing and whining of Richard Keys for ninety minutes.  Yes I fouled him, yes I pulled him back by his (excessive) arm hair, and yes I did give him a little nudge as he chased a ball out of play.  But I did my job – I stopped him scoring, even if it meant I put the ball through my own net rather than him scoring from a tap in.  (more details can be found here). I rolled into bed that night vowing never to pull my Puma Kings on again. Continue reading