This is a recipe for disaster

Plans change at the drop of a hat in TBIR towers, so when the trusty TBIR taxi failed a late fitness test, our venue for watching the game tonight switched from The Emirates with the Guardian Football Weekly team to the front room.  But I still needed some amusement so CMF came up with the ultimate challenge.

Blog LIVE, with songs from the 1980’s” She said.  Yeah, yeah yeah..We’ve done that before here.  So she added a twist.

“And you can only choose from 1 Year per ten minute period.  So 0-10 mins will be 1980, 11-20 mins will be 1981” Ouch – tough.  But we love a challenge so here goes…

0 Mins – COMING UP soon will be full 90 minute commentary with the aim to get in a song a minute.  A tough one we know.  But LET’s GET SERIOUS for a minute.  Do we think Man Utd can win?  Hell yes.  We’ve already rated Valencia and I think he could be the key here.  Man Utd’s lack of height up front could be an issue but then again with Rooney there is always the chance of some MAGIC.

So many songs could be used to describe Giggs’s feelings tonight. I bet he now thinks “SHE IS OUT OF MY LIFE”.  Not if Max Clifford is involved – more like he will be trying to get her as much FAME as possible. Continue reading