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Welcome to our Non-League Notes section.  Below you will find links to articles that you are free to use in your match programmes.  You can also use any pictures from our Flickr pages here.  Please can I ask that any articles you use carry the author’s name and a credit to Non-League Notes by

If you want to add any yourself to the list then email me a copy of the articles and I will add it here.  Spread the word too. Many thanks to Tony Madden at Cheshunt FC for his continued contributions to the page.

*NEW Articles for the 2021/22 season*

It’s Coming Home…Again – A brief look at EURO2028

Price is only an issue in the absence of value

The magic of the FA Vase

An unholy trinity – England’s biggest city without a professional football team

Don’t B-leave the hype – Scotland’s experiment of professional B-teams

Rules, Rules, Rules – Rejoining the 92 Club

Know your steps – 2021/22 Steps 1 to 5 promotion and relegation

Paying the penalty

Blackheath – The Epicentre of English Sport

They’ll be dancing in the streets of Serravalle tonight, Matthew

The worst team in England

Non League return on investment

It’s never clever to be stupid

Risk Management in footballing times of trouble

Life is Football

The story of the West Ham Stadium – the biggest football ground in England

Rule Changes

The Unreal world of fake football shirts

A Cautionary Tale – changes to the disciplinary system for the FA Cup

A Harsh Penalty

All that glitters certainly isn’t gold

A step into the world of the digital matchday programme

Back of the Net…Flix updated

Non-League Football German style

The myth of the curse of Manager of the Month

Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark

Be careful what you wish for future Premier League clubs

How supporting Non-League football may enhance your health (Non-League Day 2018)

What is Non-League?

Developing soft spots for clubs

Non-League clubs in the Anglo-Italian Cup

Non-League fans and the real club question

Speaking out of turn – the life of a Non-League PA announcer

A community asset – putting the community at the heart of the club

The magic of the War FA Cup

Where will it end?  Will overseas investment kill our beautiful game?

Artificial Intelligence or Pitch Perfect – Why going 3G still isn’t the answer in bad weather

World Cup Ticket Counterfeits

Taking Ownership – Why fans shouldn’t just be fans to clubs

Back of the Net…flix – How streaming on demand will change the game

Psychology explained by Football part 1 

The curious case of the Saarland National Team

When a Butterfly beats its wings – The complex nature of cause and chaos in football

Wayne Who? – Wayne Shaw’s five minutes of fame and the ramifications of his actions

The Ultimate Roadtrip – Just how far could some teams have to travel to play a game

Criminal Minds – Diego Costa’s hardship at refusing to play football

Runaround Now – Proposed changes to the Non-League for 2018/19 season

The Future of the Football Programme

A Non-League Summer – whilst the fans go on holiday, the hard work starts behind the scenes

An Enfield Town perspective – how the the Non-League game may change for the good of everyone else

Getting shirty – How a Colombian side had to break the law to play a game

Hair today, gone tomorrow – How the 1970’s were the best decade for Footballer’s hair

Levelling the technological playing field – Is technology good for football at all levels?

Money, Money, Money – Is there too much in the game in too few hands?

No performance, no refunds – How long before Non-League fans start demanding refunds for poor performances

On the silver screen – The best football films you have never heard of

Hard cheese – The rise and fall of Parma

Welcome to the new boys – A look at the new teams entering the Ryman League

The art of the tackle is dead – or is it?

The art of the penalty kick – Should goalkeepers bother to try and second guess the kick taker at all?

The Bull that turned – The rise of Hereford FC from the ashes of United

The five worst English exports – Those players who went for the duty free shopping

The forgotten little brothers – City v United games around England that will never be seen

The Red Lion – A review of Patrick Marber’s superb play about Non-League Football

The unknown rule makers – Just who does set the rules for the beautiful game?

The worst signings in the history of the Premier League – And there is a few to choose from

When the money runs out – What happens when a SugerDaddy (or Mummy) ups and leaves

The most valuable sporting brands…and Lewes FC – Where would we stack up against The Yankees?

A Break with tradition – How half time breaks are less about footballers needs and more about TV companies

A view of the FA Trophy – to be used when you play a FA Trophy game

Gone and Forgotten – Burton Wanderers FC

Christmas Day Football – A look back at when football on Christmas Day was the norm 

Getting Shirty – Has the cost of the most recent England shirt driven people to the black market?

Don’t bet on it – New football betting regulations and what they mean for the Non League game

Gone and Forgotten – Glossop FC

Guaranteed a Kick-In – When the FA trialed kick-ins instead of throw-ins

Gone and Forgotten – Manchester Central FC

Gone and Forgotten – Nelson FC

Gone and Forgotten – New Brighton FC

The Real Home of Football – Sheffield FC’s unique story on creating the beautiful game

Gone and Forgotten – South Shields FC

Sports TV – How our viewing pleasure is being revolutionised

Stickernomics – Are Panini stickers randomly distributed?

The Class of 92 become teachers – The Man United revolution at Salford City FC

Once bitten – The dangers of third party brand damage in football

The Genuine Golden Generation – How Germany’s World Cup win started five years ago in Malmo

Thoughts on the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Gone and Forgotten – Wigan Borough FC

Real clubs and mascots 

The night the World Cup winners came to Telford 

The story of Kenny Samson, Chertsey Town & a confused La Liga side 

The Trials and tribulations of a Non-League programme editor 

Remember the Spartans 

Bring back the magic of the FA Cup

Children are the future of Non League football

Dont fix what isnt broken

Financial Fair Play

Football will eat itself

Grounds for divorce (New 12/8)

Guaranteed a kick in (New 16/8)

Hope (New 12/8)

How to change Non League Football for the better

Listen to the fans

Moore than just your average football match

Non League Day 2013 – An interview with its founder

The Civil Service

The day Mossley got to Wembley

The Human Cost of bad decisions

The Tournament that freedom forgot

Bring back the magic of the FA Cup

Football – The marketeers dream

Football and Beer – a match made in heaven?  Not if you are the FA

Flickin’ Hell


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