14 thoughts on “Next up

  1. How can fans help us?

    Bring a gun and shoot our manager please. More stubborn than a mule, the only way he’s likely to leave town is in a wooden box like some villianous cowboy in a 3rd rate spaghetti western!!!!

    Up the Rooks!!!

    • Hi Harry,

      Just co-incidence….I wanted to go to Tamworth and Mansfield next season and it just so happens they are playing Leicester City…



  2. Cheers for the reply Stuart.

    Marvellous site, I came it through the equally wonderful EFW.

    Be prepared for a shock at The Lambs, even for the respected groundhopper such as yourself, it’s a grim place with bus-stop esque ends.


    • I have seem some bad ones in my time Harry…looking forward to coming there…Dont believe a word Danny Last writes its all made up!!! Actually out with him on Saturday at the Oval – look out for his report.

  3. some interesting points for sure, but i think it may be difficult to put a programme together at non league or lower league club’s but the sales of programmes at the premier league grounds are very healthy indeed, with my own club MUFC they are still being sold in enourmous amounts[50,000 per match] so to some degree that knocks some of what you say in a cocked hat and i would say perhaps healthy numbers at many other PL clubs and some not in the PL.

    It would be fair to say no value in years to come re the modern programmes unless a postponement or something similar as in last seasons Man City-Man U first leg Carling Cup MATCH THE GAME WAS POSTPONED and some duffer paid £1900!!! , crazy then a few more were found and sold at a more sensible amount but still 20 times the cover!. Check out some of the programmes and meorabilia from yesteryear on the site above, click on any image to down load it for free.

  4. Hi, just a few notes for your trip up to Rainworth (no s). Known to the locals as renuth. The best thing about it is probably the bypass.
    I remember playing there in my late teens, and the home side hung some sort of dead rodent from the light fitting as a welcome.
    Have fun.

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