The Football Legends A to Z

Fancy some new art on your wall, then have a look at this beauty from Simon Staines over at 67Inc.

Collecting football cards was huge when we were kids, now you have the opportunity to get them all in one go and not have the annoying missing one or two! We came up with our list of the 35 greatest players of all time (this took a while, with many arguments) and have presented them as an A2 Alphanumeric / Alphabet print in the style of 1960’s trading cards.

The players are shown in a combination of ‘International’ and ‘Home’ kits just to make guessing them a little more difficult. For the number cards we picked the player that we felt best represented that shirt number/position. Finally the last card has all the answers.

More details on the print can be found on Simon’s website here.


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