The greatest ever football giveaway

Beer and football, football and beer. The two go together like Saint and Greavsie, John Terry and Wayne Bridge or Hampton & Richmond. We all like a beer at football but only those of us who sample the giddy heights of the Non League Pyramid will know what it is like to be trusted having a beer whilst watching the game.

Regular readers will know that Lewes FC’s Dripping Pan is known in Non League circles as “England’s finest beer garden”. With Harvey’s, the local brewery on tap and the South Downs glistening in the distance like a set of recently polished teeth, who cares what the football is really like?

Lewes FC like to do things a bit different, and since their transformation into a Community Club, now with over 600 members all owning an equal share in the club they have tried to break the stereotype of what a football club should be and do. For instance, ever seen better match posters than these? Which other clubs offer a free ticket every home game to anyone under 16 years old? Or what about our E-programme that is sent free to all members?

Well last week the club, along with those fantastic chaps at Harvey’s came up with possibly the best giveaway ever.

From now until the end of the season Lewes will travel to every away game with a Polypin (72 pints) of Harvey’s Best Bitter which they will give FREE OF CHARGE to the host club. The club can then do as they want with the beer – give it away free, sell it, raffle it or put it in the back of the Chairman’s car. Along with the beer comes a letter from the club and some specially produced beer mats.

In a world where greed and commercialisation dominate our game, this is a great offer and one that extends the hands of friendship across the league.

I may be biased (actually, I am very biased) but this is a great gesture and one already been enjoyed by Leatherhead FC and East Grinstead Town (and tomorrow Harrow Borough).

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