On the first day of Christmas – The best website

“On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a brilliant football website accessible for free.”

Football websites have improved tenfold over the past few years.  Some are ten-a-penny, simply re-hashing content from other websites, blogs and media outlets.  So our awards for the best football websites of 2010 are made to those that have the “wow” factor.  Those that add value and keep you coming back for more.  So our three winners are:-

Zonal MarkingMichael Cox has had a fantastic year, seeing his one of a kind site gain all sorts of deserved plaudits but also making his debut on the Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast.  It is the defacto resource for the statistical analysis of games, providing enough ammo to amaze even the most ardent football fan in the pub. a work of genius.

LesrosbifsOnce upon a time, Gavin Stone came up with an idea to chronicle the adventures of English footballers abroad.  His site has grown to such as extent today where he has documented well over a hundred English players currently plying their trade abroad.  He regularly interviews them, providing a valuable insight into their lives abroad, and his Hall of Fame of the 21 best ever Englishmen to play abroad, with contributions from 21 of the best football writers is simply ingenious.

FootballFan.euLast month I had the pleasure of meeting Frans, the man behind the most comprehensive guide to football matches in Europe whilst in Utrecht.  His site is simply amazing, yet stunningly simple.  Essentially a social media network for football, the site allows fans to upload details of their games, photos, reviews and generally anything that could add value to anyone else.  Currently there are over 20,000 photos, 2,000 stadiums profiled and a distance calculator for what games are on for most top leagues (and lower leagues) in Europe.  Simply a work of art.

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