Introducing Danny Last

For those of you with a wild imagination, you may think that The Ball is Round is staffed by a team of football writers who spend all day with their heads in old copies of Rothman’s Year Books and by night travelling to the four corners of the UK (and Europe) to go to a game.  Well, much as I would like to big up our operation I hate to live a lie.  Most of what you see and read here is produced by good old me, in between me doing a regular 8am to 8pm weekday job.  Occasionally I get some help from a few reliable sources but my labour of love is a solo project. 

A one man walking advert

But I am not alone.  A few years ago I met Danny Last, from the blog European Football Weekends and we realised we had a shared mission in life.  Football (but never taking it too seriously), travel, beer and generally having a good time.  People take football too seriously, and that leads to them missing the real enjoyment in the game.  That is why we love the non-league game so much.  Danny recently did an interview about his motivations for his work with US Podcast EPLTalk, and we think it sums up what people are missing in football as well as examples of some of the adventures there are to be had when you go off the beaten track. To listen to this click  Danny Last Podcast.

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  1. keep up the good work stuart.i really enjoy your website .Among my favourite stories from the site are the greek weekend report and your account on watching wasps play (am big rugby fan as well).
    Your website and efw are my favourite footie sites on the web

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